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Homeshow technology

Published by HOMESHOW 2023-03-30

Homeshow is committed to environmental protection,energy saving technology in the use of sanitary ware,and widely adopted the use of new material and new technology in the field of sanitary industry.No matter which products with ECO green logo,they aren all the environmental protection and energy saving products.

Now HOMESHOW has hundreds of appearance, utility model patents and invention patents, which have made outstanding contribution for the technology innovation of sanitary ware and the development of home furnishing culture.No matter which patent technology logo,they are the patented products.

The inner wall of HOMESHOW facuts is smooth ,which is consistent with the principles of fluid mechanics,the precision internal structure and design has ensured silent and meticulous.

The unique valve core is made by advanced ceramic alloy in the closed environment, and coated with a special lubricant coating, and this feature can ensure that the product is smooth for use as the new one for many years.

The five-layer electroplating creates extremely deep and uniform coating, and meanwhile the molecular structures between the coating of copper plating, nickel plating ,and chrome plating are very dense, which makes it bright as a mirror and shining like sunshine, dustproof and antifouling ,able to resist scratches and never fade.

HOMESHOW`s contact flowing bubbler has overcome the traditional disadvantages of flowing increased followed the increase of water pressure ,and  water flow is contant when the pressure is above 0.14Mpa, save 30% water.

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