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Published by HOMESHOW 2023-03-30

HOMESHOW Company Ltd. located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It is a professional manufacturer which is engaged in the production of high-grade sanitary ware products.Main products are all kinds of faucets,shower mixers,bidet hand shower shattaf,kitchen accessory and bathroom accessories."Pragmatic, sincere, pioneering, innovative, and efficient" is the principle. We adhere to the "high quality, best services" business philosophy. We owned advanced production equipment. A number of professional and management personnel are all included. Obtained the TUV ISO9001: 2008, CE, the Spanish AENOR certificate.The products strictly enforced with the accordance of development, design, drawing, delivery, inspection, testing, monitoring. The quality is guaranteed for products were verified by experienced inspectors.HOMESHOW have 14 years in OEM/ODM for brands from all over the world ,especially from the USA ,EU countries.

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1.   Quality

A. Products are produced in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality certification management system.

Each process of the product is 100% tested.According to international testing standards, provide quality inspection report for customers before shipment.

B. 5-year warranty


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2.    Research and Development

Product design and quality are our soul.

HOMESHOW has established its own R & D and innovation team since its inception. Now ,HOMESHOW has more than 30 professional and technical personnel and design talents. We design more than 200 new products every year, and has more than 200 patents. 

We can design your own products for your market according to your needs.

We are your products R&D center.


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3.   Efficiency

Reply to your inquiries at any time.

Accurate production delivery time.


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4.   Service

a. Provide detailed technical parameters of products to facilitate the sales of customers.

Includes the HD, scene, dimension, BOM images.

b. Visit customers from time to time, investigate the local market, and create customized products for customers.

 We can train your salesmen in product knowledge free of charge anytime

c. Provide detailed purchasing data in our company every year for customers.



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