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Make Water Saving and Hope Grow Together,WATER- the Source of Life

Published by HOMESHOW 2023-03-30

WATER- the mother of life, gave birth to life, also gave birth to civilization. Saving water in life, in order to make better use of water. Protect water, treat water well, HOMESHOW Sanitary Ware sets an example and continues to develop the industry Cutting-edge technology, focusing on water flow automatic power generation energy, there are already developed products, as well as cutting-edge technologies such as cold and hot water temperature difference energy, exhaust system energy, light energy collection, etc., and apply scientific research results to bathroom products in a timely manner. 


basin faucet


Among HOME SHOW products, for example, all leading products adopt new technology 。The water outlet method of the constant current bubbler, generally, the higher the water pressure of the bubbler, the greater the flow of water.The purpose of saving water is not achieved, and HOMESHOW's bubbler is when the water pressure exceeds 0.3MPa The water output of the lower bubbler is constant, which greatly saves water. In addition, water saving for washbasins and kitchen faucets ,The filter can not only solve the problem of filtration, but also reduce the water flow and save water. function, and can achieve the effect of instant water shut-off and delayed water shut-off.


homshow faucet


An excellent enterprise not only manufactures excellent products, but also creates products that are beneficial to society. Product culture and usage atmosphere. HOMESHOW is committed to guiding the change of human water concept, so that human beings cherish Cherish every drop of water. At the same time, HOMESHOW extensively listens to and replicates the opinions of customers, integrates water-saving technology and Ecology is integrated, and it strives for environmental protection and economy without affecting the use function.


water saving faucet


Multiple choices for saving water :There are two water output options, which can help you save water effectively according to actual needs. As the heart part of the faucet, the high-end faucet of Jiaxiu Sanitary Ware is equipped with top well-known "Track" two-speed environmental protection valve core.


Pressure buffering with constant current half flow rate :Constant flow aerators introduce air into the water flow to create a larger, softer, Splash-free water flow. When the water pressure is too high, the O-ring will be squeezed by the water flow,The expansion changes the volume of the flow channel to achieve the purpose of inhibiting the flow of water.


● 30% water-saving, healthy oxygen water

After the water is mixed with the air, the water flow becomes softer, and it is  like a rain curtain that makes one can't help but be intoxicated in the bath! Visual beauty: I really see the water surrounded by the air in the big water droplets, watching the raindrops fall one by one, it is like returning to the childhood period, enjoying the joy in the rain! Hearing beauty: the function is no noise when the water comes out, enjoy the wonderful sound of rain, make people feel comfortable! Experience beauty: In the water droplets rich in air, the layered water droplets make you feel like hugging with a rain curtain, and the healthy active oxygen water makes you feel the wonder of high technology and the value of health care!


● Water saving washer

Self-service use Water saving relay High-end shower and bathtub faucets have matching water-saving tablets for your self-help use. When you use water-saving tablets, you can ensure the same bathing pleasure and results at the same time,save 30% of water consumption.


● Thermostatic technology

Air mixing technology: Combines the water with the air to make bathing more comfortable and save water 30% or more.

Constant temperature technology: take a bath as you like, you can easily enjoy the optimal shower temperature with one key, and prevent scalding Injury, anti-collision, anti-skid design ;

Energy-saving and emission-reduction technology: unique water-mixing and quick-filtration technology, which can optimize the drainage and filter hot water pipes when reused in cold water for best results ;

Cold-touch technology: the design of the flow channel structure to prevent the faucet from being hot and the operation of the new heat-resistant material Use to ensure safety and prevent scalding;

Cold shock technology: when either end of hot and cold water is cut off, the mixed water output is closed to prevent user burns or freezes.



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