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What is the Ideal Design--Design in My Heart

Published by HOMESHOW 2023-03-30

What is process design, and which method is used to realize the existing design scheme. Simply put, it is the design of the production process, which is included in the industrial design. The "process" of "how to produce a faucet" is the process design. Its contents include product plan; raw materials, surface processing, component matching, technological process; main Selection and configuration of equipment; coordination conditions for assembly lines; production organization and labor quota; main technical indicators, etc.


For example, if we want to produce a set of faucets, we need to start from the selection of materials, the amount of materials, the forming method, the inherent function of the product, the production cycle and sales. Amount, profit and other aspects to design. Industrial design is constrained by market demand, material technology, production technology, and production costs. Many factors must be considered before design.


Designing products that are easy to use, easy to use, and consumers want to use is our simplest standard. He is a relatively large but very marginal and interdisciplinary subject, covering Covering the design of the environment, ergonomics, products, visual communication, etc., it can be said that as long as it is an industrial product sold in the market. There are more or less traces of industrial design trace. In order to give full play to their professional skills more professionally, at home show, industrial design and process design have been formed into two different departments.


So what makes a great product? In addition to having a perfect appearance, but also There are functions that are more suitable for consumers. Industrial design is a complex project, starting from Project source, sketching, modeling, out of the model to process design, and finally out of the product. Any one of the links must be revised many times through repeated scrutiny, and the best efforts must be made. Match product output to input. A good product design must be designed by industry Combine with process design and cooperate with each other. Otherwise the designed product will be uncompetitive force.

In addition to making people feel pleasing to the eye and giving people a sense of comfort, excellent industrial design It can also embellish people's living space; excellent craft design increases people's use Fun, endows products with more intrinsic value, thereby improving people's quality of life. The perfect combination of the two can enhance the competitiveness of the product and finally realize the economic price of the product. Value, let the enterprise survive in an invincible position.


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