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The Technical Requirements Appearance Quality of the Faucet

Published by HOMESHOW 2022-09-14

HOMESHOW share you the basic parameters, technical requirements and appearance quality of the faucet.


  • 1.Some basic sizes of faucets


The outer diameter of the single-hole faucet is ≥40mm, the diameter of the water inlet hole of the ceramic basin is 32mm---35mm (single cooling 23---25mm); the distance between the double holes is 4 inches (1 inch = 25.4mm), and the diameter of the water outlet is 58-65mm.

In addition, the 8-inch basin faucet is used more by Americans and is installed on the under-counter basin.


The shower faucet is divided into exposed installation, concealed installation (into the wall, embedded), split, etc., the center distance between the two holes is 6 inches (150mm), the shower pipe is ≥150cm; after the bathtub (bath height 37cm) is turned off, the water separator It will automatically return to the bathtub outlet to prevent the next person taking a shower from being scalded; when installing the bathtub faucet, there is a curved foot (eccentric tube), which can adjust ±15mm.

  • 2.Technical requirements for faucets

2.1. Processing and assembly requirements of faucets

2.1.1. The surface of the casting shall not have defects such as blisters, shrinkage holes, cracks, pores, etc., and impurities such as core sand and metal chips attached to the inner cavity shall be removed.

2.1.2 There should be no obvious defects such as dents and broken teeth on the surface of the thread. rough surface

   The roughness (Ra) is not greater than 3.2um; the thread accuracy of the product installation connection pipe should meet the relevant required accuracy grade, and the thread gauge (thread plug gauge, thread ring gauge) should be used for inspection during the threading process.

2.1.3 The surface of plastic parts should not have obvious filler spots, ripples, sink marks,

   Warpage and weld lines, and there should be no visible scratches, scratches, finish damage and dirt.

2.1.4 The signs of hot and cold water should be clear: blue (C: cold) means cold water, red

   Color (H: hot) indicates hot water. The cold water mark of the dual-control faucet is on the right and the hot water mark is on the left, and the connection should be firm; the wheel handle is turned counterclockwise to open, and clockwise to close.

2.1.5 The assembled handle should be stable, light and free from jamming. handle and valve, the rod connection is firm and must not be loose.

2.2  The appearance quality of the faucet

2.2.1 The surface of the electroplating shall be uniform in gloss, and shall not have peeling, cracking, scorching, and the appearance of exposed bottom, peeling, dark spots and obvious pitting, burrs, scratches, etc.defect.

2.2.2 The surface structure of the sprayed surface is fine, smooth and uniform, and there shall be no sagging,quality defects such as exposed bottom.

2.2.3 The polished surface should have a smooth transition without obvious burrs and scratches.

2.2.4 The electroplating layer on the surface of the product should reach the national standard level 10 after 24 hours of acetic acid salt spray test (or 200 hours of neutral salt spray test): there should be no pit corrosion, pinhole corrosion or bubbling or coating. any other defects.

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